We consider ourselves to be YOUR team. We are here to help you dip your toe into the historical waters of medieval weaponry. Well, not water since that would cause rust. How about dipping your toe into the historical well, no…. Historical armory! That’s better. Come open up the knights’ and warriors’ closets to see what is inside.


We agree with this statement.
We agree with this statement.

Wes who is the master of Killy Things: I am a third year Junior, English Major and History Minor.   I am planning to develop both professional and technical writing, as well as creative writing through my undergrad.  I am planning for a masters degree, and am considering getting an MFA through Vanderbilt University.

Gareth who is the mistress of Stabby Things: I am a pre-law student. I am here to follow in the footsteps of my father who is a lawyer.

Arwen who is the mistress of Smashy Things: I am a transfer student. I was at Centenary College of Louisiana from 1979-1981. I have always wanted to finish my degree. Now that I am a resident of the enchanting state of New Mexico, I have taken advantage of the Opportunity Scholarship to complete my History BA with an English minor.